Canned & Bottled Products

square_bulet Canned Fruits and Vegetables. We represent the best and most reliable Packers of Pineapple, Mushrooms, Corn, Tropical Fruits, Pickled Cucumbers and Gherkins in Glass Jars (bottles), exporting from Vietnam to the World Markets.

square_bulet Canned Tuna and Sardines (Seafood). The range of Retail and Food Service packaging with a wide variety of specifications.

square_bulet We guarantee the best prices compared with neighbouring Countries in canned, jar (bottled) foods and seafood.

square_bulet Nearly all canned, bottle foods are fat-free and use preservatives through natural heat methods. Almost all canned, bottled foods are higher in vitamins and micronutrients than fresh or frozen counterparts.

square_bulet Minimum order is 1 FCL.

square_bulet Payment terms to be discussed.

square_bulet Send us your email and we will send a price list and specs to you. Please click here to send your email to us.

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